Take wing: a summer of magic with Sam

Take wing: a summer of magic with Sam

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Three months of fiery magic, deepening your connection both with the natural world and your own inner world as we transition out of spring and into the depths of summer.  

A period of learning, growing and noticing as the world surrounds us with warmth and abundance. Swifts and swallows fly. Butterflies flit from flower to flower.  The woods are green and vibrant... What can we learn from the plants and creatures that appear at this time of heat and plenty...?  How does that reflect our own inner processes?

TAKE WING is hosted by artist Sam Goodlet (Samdrawsthings), drawing on her background in environmental education and her inner fairy, who comes out to play at this beautiful time of year.  

Each new moon, we start a month of journeying with new mascots from the natural world.  

Sam will be meeting our animal and plant guides live as we travel through the three months of the programme, so their identities will revealed as we go.  We'll be travelling together from the early summer in June through to the golden fields of early September.

The programme:

  • Month 1: Begins on the New Moon on June 10th  
  • Month 2: Begins on the New Moon on July 10th 
  • Month 3: Begins on the New Moon on August 8th and runs up until the New Moon on September 7th 

Included in the programme: 

  • Lifetime access to course materials and social media groups
  • A New Moon video from Sam each month, inspired by the plants and animals of the English countryside in Summer.  We will draw on their wisdom and lessons to set intentions, learn and listen.  Empowering you to be curious, dive more deeply into your connections with nature, care for yourself and transform 
  • An eBook for each month, packed with information and inspiration 
  • Videos for the Summer Solstice (Litha) and Lughnasadh (Lammas) with extra journalling prompts, rituals and activities to help you connect with and enjoy the magic of the shifting seasons
  • Access to Summer Fire - An exclusive Facebook group for members to connect and chat about the growth and experiences we are calling in, and receive extra support from Sam 
  • Online chats with special guests, bringing you extra ideas and inspiration 
  • Guided meditations, visualisations and journal prompts to invite you to connect with our plant and animal guides and to explore your inner world more deeply 
  • Creative magical drawings from Sam Draws Things to evoke the seasonal changes and share her magic and spirit with you
  • Inspiration and calls for your own creative practice, whether it's drawing, photography, poetry, knitting, yarn dyeing... whatever you love to do or wish to try!  

Course materials are hosted on the Wolf and Wing website, for you to engage with at your own pace.  

Join Sam for this exciting, uplifting, otherworldly journey into the magic and warmth of summer.    


You can pay for the programme in full, or select the monthly option and we will invoice you each new moon for the next month's payment.  


A note about our vibe and inclusivity:

Take wing and the Summer Fire Facebook group welcome people of all genders.  We will be talking a bit about tuning into natural cycles and the seasons, but that won’t be from the point of view of a specific type of human biology or hormonal set up 🙂 (Our programme would sit nicely alongside this practice and we can signpost you to other spaces which offer it).

We will be taking inspiration from the neo-pagan wheel of the year, as a handy tool for connecting with the seasons and bringing ritual back into our lives. But you don’t have to be a pagan to join in - the programme will be accessible for other cultural viewpoints, religions, or spirituality. 

Here's a little video from Sam chatting about A Year of Wild Wisdom that Take Wing is a part of.