Are you ready to look within...?

Are you ready to look within...?

It’s where so many of the answers are, even to some deeply uncomfortable questions.

Are you ready to do the work of your own anti racism, untangle your prejudices and biases?

Are you ready to see the qualities you find abhorrent in others within yourself?

Are you ready to notice where staying stuck in a particular phase of your life might be benefitting you, even if you hate it and wish to change?

How could you show up differently in the world if you were conscious of your own shadows, rather than triggered by other people when they hold up the mirror to you?

There are so many areas where we can be scared to peek behind the curtain, but it’s honestly far scarier NOT to look. Those lumpy shapes hide in the darkness and grow. They effect how we treat others and how we walk through the world.

Times of discomfort as we face our uglier parts hold so much magic and potential, because they are OURS and only we can transform them.

We don’t have to wait for someone else to show up, to rescue us or do it for us - it’s all in our hands. It takes courage and grace, but it’s totally within our reach.

Can you feel how powerful that makes you? You have all the power to change yourself and feed those changes out into the world...

Sam xx

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