Wolf and Wing is a channel for creativity, well-being and magic 

We are creating a growing collection of magical self-help and personal growth books, designed to soothe and inspire. 

We also support other creatives in making their book dreams come true, through mentoring, courses and publishing services.

All books can be magical. All books can provide a place to escape. 

Our books are also created to light up the dark. 

We are not afraid of the dark.  Fairytales, in their original forms, were dark and strange, just we like humans. Fairytales at their truest roots were never about happy ever after… they are as dark and rich and complicated as our lives.

Be careful if you’re wishing for a fairytale ending. You’re just as likely to get eaten by a dragon as married to a prince…
We create books for the days you dream of running away to a mushroom house in the woods.  Books to charge you up and refill your soul's teapot, so that you can return to the challenges of the 'real' world restored and ready to pour and serve your people.

Meet Sam, our creative directrix