I’m Sam, founder of Wolf and Wing (and this is Shadow).

Wolf and Wing is a hive for creativity, positive change creation and magic. Which are all basically threads of the same thing really, aren’t they? 🔮🌸

I’m an visual creatrix and communications specialist, who’s worked in libraries, schools, nature conservation, environmental education and I run my own design business.  

As a rugged survivor of mental health issues and personal challenges, I’m a massive believer in the power and importance of personal transformation, alongside community connections and social change.

My first book, ‘Dive Down’ was created as I drew my way out of depression and wanted to share my story of finding beauty in the darkness.  'Breathe' is my adult colouring and mindfulness book, packed with feel-good magic to help others find peace with a pencil :) 

Here at Wolf and Wing, I offer online courses and books, as well as one-to-one mentoring and personal growth programmes. Everything is centred around making peace with all the many parts of ourselves, healing from the past, inner child and energy work.

I qualified as a Spiral Practitioner in 2020, and use The Spiral and emotional clearing techniques as brilliant healing tools in my magical toolbox.

Nature is incredibly important to me, and that’s reflected in my creative work and the ethos of Wolf and Wing. Brought up in the ancient kingdom of Wessex, I live in a landscape peppered with stone circles and burial mounds older than recorded history...

I’m an animist witch, words which I reclaimed during Oda Sonju’s Wake Your Witch course in 2020. I am continuing to deepen my understanding and share my wisdom as a Wild Priestess Apprentice with Wild Essence, started in January 2021. 

You can book in for one-to-one sessions with me here.

The seed for Wolf and Wing was planted in 2019 when I went through The Spiral for the first time. As we worked through clearing up my emotional baggage and getting a bigger vision of my purpose, this idea started to come together...

A space to share creative offerings from myself and others, like books, music, poetry and movement. Somewhere to offer workshops, experiences and services to help people. All underpinned by a love for the natural world and a desire to bring us together in rising up.

The themes of well-being, equality and sustainability are deep at the heart of this work. The dream to create a beautiful safe home for people to come and learn and grow. To work on themselves, and towards a brighter future for everyone on the planet...

I thought that this dream would be a long way off. I thought it would be a physical place, like a kind of art farm for people to come to... but circumstances in 2020 reminded me that OF COURSE it can start right now, online!

So here we are, at the beginning of that little seed’s sprouting, it’s new leaves bursting through the soil.

I’m so excited that you’re here to join me.

And I’d love know, what are your wishes for yourself and for the world right now...? What changes would you like to weave...?

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