A book is a portal...

Open the page and you enter an alternate space, the binding (real or digital) holds a world that can hold you. 

All of you is welcome, so step in and feel the comfort that welcomes you. 

Like an old friend or your favourite mug, there is a peaceful grounding acceptance and familiarity. 

You can nestle into the pages like you would into a soft chair that cushions you.  Let it take your weight as you breathe this new air, contained in this perfectly safe space. 

All books can be magical. All books can provide a place to escape. 

Our books are also created to light up the dark. 

So as you read and explore, they illuminate the corners that might have frightened you. They shine light on the shadows, so we can see them and understand. 

They contain new heroes and help us see how we can be more heroic.  They lighten the load on your shoulders and they charge you up with your own torch like energy to take back and shine into your own life, every day. 

The world’s first stories were told to pass on wisdom, to share the things we need to know to survive and navigate this strange experience of being human.  

We believe in the power of stories and the human imagination to conquer all difficulties and dream of the future.  

And we believe we need new stories, to reflect the challenges we face and help us all find our way home. 

The Selkie's Tale: creating fairytales for modern life

In summer '22, we were part of a story telling course with the fabulous Jessi Marino of Wild Essence. We dived into the realms of truth and myth, creating personal fairy tales inspired by the things we have been through.

In autumn, the authors started sending us their completed tales to pull together into a book! Packed with medicine, ritual, stories and illustrations, The Selkie's Tale is out now in hardback.

Get your copy here

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