Meet Sam

Hello :) I’m Sam Goodlet, witchy wildling and founder of Wolf and Wing.

Sam in a witchy hat with a cup of tea

I’m an visual creatrix who’s worked in libraries, schools, nature conservation, environmental education and as a freelance artist and writer.

I specialise in helping people connect to their inner wildness to let their fearlessness shine out to the rest of the world. Wonder is my favourite medicine for helping boost well-being.  I am passionate about helping people unlock their creative visions and bring their ideas and projects to life, especially BOOKS! 

I’m a massive believer in the power and importance of personal transformation, alongside community connections and social change.  

My first book, ‘Dive Down’ was created as I drew my way out of depression and wanted to share my story of finding beauty in the darkness...

'Breathe' is my adult colouring and mindfulness book, packed with feel-good magic to help others find peace with a pencil :) 

The Selkie's Tale is my most recent book, a collaboration with other authors creating a compendium of new fairy tales for adults.  You can find a copy here, and sign up for the online course and be a part of the next edition here.

The Selkie's Tale book cover

Other books I have been a part of: 

Here at Wolf and Wing, I offer a library of magical books, alongside online courses and one-to-one mentoring and to help your own books and other creative visions come to life.  

I also offer cover design, illustration, editing and book layout help, and can support you in finding the right publishing pathway. 

Nature is incredibly important to me, and that’s reflected in my creative work and the ethos of Wolf and Wing.  I draw deep inspiration from my plant and animal friends, and every purchase with us plants a tree.

Brought up in the ancient kingdom of Wessex, I live in a landscape peppered with stone circles and burial mounds older than recorded history.. I’m an animist witch and I graduated as a Wild Priestess Apprentice with Wild Essence in February 2022 and am also a facilitator for their fabulous courses and events.  I qualified as a Spiral Practitioner in 2020, and use The Spiral and emotional clearing techniques as brilliant healing tools in my magical toolbox.

Here's a little video about my approach to magic...

You can book in for one-to-one sessions with me here.

I'm so grateful that you've found our safe hiding place here in the woods.  Have a browse through our offerings, and if there's anything you'd like to know more about, you can always sign up to the mailing list below, or hit the contact button in the menu to say hello :)