Day 18. Full moon enchantment

Full moon enchantment 1

Full moon enchantment 🌝

1. Set the space. Create a calm little moment that feels special. Bring something to charge up with some moon magic, it could be water, a crystal, whatever calls you. Something you can put on your skin can be nice!

Full moon enchantment 2

2. Tune into the moon. If you can see her, spend some time gazing and basking in her glow. If you can’t see her right now, close your eyes and FEEL her. Remember her. Feel your inner wolf give a little howl of connection.

Full moon enchantment 3
3. Remember how long the moon has been there, looking down on us, our ancestors and family of all species. Send her some appreciation for her constant presence. Notice how similar you are, both with your cycles and patterns and seasons.

Full moon enchantment 4
4. Allow your heart to simply fill with wonder and appreciation. Whatever we struggle with, down here on earth, there’s always the moon. Shining up there and doing her thing. What other feelings and words do you notice as you tune into her…? Store some of these words up. You can write them or just hold them in your awareness.

Full moon enchantment 5
5. Let your body and any special objects you brought with you charge up on these magical feelings of wonder, lightness, presence. Whatever good things you notice, call more of them in so that you feel filled with them.

Full moon enchantment 6
6. When it feels right, end the ritual and close the space for now. Thank the moon. And whenever you need a top up of magic, you can use or touch whatever you charged up and REMEMBER that full moon feeling with all your senses.