Day 2. Advent descent: I am nature

Day 2. Advent descent: I am nature

Day 2 of 66 with a photograph of mushrooms in grass
Todays offerings are a couple of poems on a similar theme. You can hear me speak part of this one here, with the full version below,  

Part 1. 

I drop my awareness
Down into my body
Like a pebble in a pond
Sinking through the layers and ripples of myself

I notice the ways
We humans tend to divide things
Body from mind
Spirit from matter
Good from bad
Humans from animals
Bodies into systems
Like pieces of Lego

But on this subselfmarine journey
Those fragmentation lines dissolve
No building blocks
Here it’s all mixed up together
A soul mind body soup
All parts interwoven and interoperational    

I notice the ways
Signals are constantly coming in
Relayed and shared
Rippling around.
Some touch my consciousness
But so many go unconsciously perceived
The tendrils and tubes carrying on
Whether I pay attention or not
But how beautiful it feels to pay attention

It’s humbling to realise
The I
That thinks these thoughts
Is not the part of me
That’s really in control down here

Maybe that is why the ego fights sometimes
Stamps their foot like a moody child
Why we fight so hard against nature and the processes
Against being a simple part of nature
To escape this humbling humming feeling
Of blood pumping whether we tell it to or not
Of the humming pumping stopping one day
whether we will tell it too or not

I drop some cbd oil under my tongue
Some herbal tincture in water
And stir these extra ingredients into myself
Noticing how these gifts from plants join me
Like swirling a paint brush in water
And the colour changing

A calmness settles
Moves through me
The signals become
A little less urgent

The thing I label pain drops down a gear in me.
Part 2.
Rest is an act of devotion,
An offering to nature,
Caring for the fractal fragment of the natural world that you are.

You are a whole ecosystem unto yourself,
Walking around, shopping, working, laughing.
As well as a part of the wider world,
Not a cog,
But an interwoven piece.

When you pause,
When you tend to the garden that you are,
You are taking part
In nature conservation.
Text over a picture of mushrooms
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