Day 27. Ascending to Imbolc. Witchy Lemsip recipe

Day 27. Ascending to Imbolc. Witchy Lemsip recipe

An illustration of the Comfort Fairy dog cradling a cup of lemon tea by artist Sam Goodlet, Samdrawsthings
Nothing against normal Lemsip! But this herbal tea is a cosy, tasty alternative treatment for cold and flu season.  

Meadowsweet is a member of the rose family that grows in damp areas and has anti inflammatory properties.

Things you need:

  • Something to make loose leaf tea in - a tea pot, strainer or cafetiere 
  • About a tea spoon of dried meadowsweet
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey
  • Ground cinnamon 


  • Boil your water and add the dried herbs to your pot 
  • Pour the hot water over the herbs and leave it to steep for a few minutes
  • Add a good squeeze of lemon juice, a squirt of honey, a sprinkling of cinnamon to a cup (you can add more to taste later, sometimes it takes a couple of tries to figure out how you like it)
  • When the herbs have infused into the water, pour it into the mug 


Making time for brewing and then drinking the tea can also be a beautiful little moment for a nourishing ritual, especially if you are feeling under the weather. Anything can be a ritual if you go about it with that intention - it’s simply about bringing your awareness to the moment, feeling the magic that is there…

If you’d like more practice and to come play with building ritual into your life, our Everyday Mystic offering could be just your cup of tea! 

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