Day 31. Ascending to Imbolc. Words for the year

Day 31. Ascending to Imbolc. Words for the year

I just wanted to share a magical little practice that has helped me so much through 2021. I’ve had a word for the year over the last few years, but then this was a game changer.

No resolutions, no goals even. Just tuning into the qualities I desired to feel more of. My nervous system was shot and things felt quite challenging, so I picked two types of words:

1. A new baseline word.

An everyday, heart-beat simple word. One that I wanted to feel as an essential. Something that felt nourishing and calming, even if it was going to take work sometimes to embody it.

2. A stretch goal word.

A more exciting, inspiring word. Something that becomes reachable when word 1 is feeling solid. Something more fun and ambitious.

My words were

Safe and Juicy

And I’m excited because it really worked wonders! I tended a lot to my nervous system, improved my baseline AND I did some deep, beautiful, fun and magical things. Whenever I felt lost, I tuned back into my words to see what I needed.

I spent a bit of time sitting with my words, tuning into what they meant to me, what it would REALLY feel like in my bones to know them

What safe means to me

This year, I feel excited to build on these words with two new ones. My capacity has expanded, I have some big dreams, and I want to keep growing slowly and sustainably.

So I’m going to keep last year’s words to build on, and add two more.

1. A new baseline word.
I desire to nurture my family, and all my relationships, nurture the seeds of new connections, nurture my business, and keep on with the journey of nurturing myself. Like a gardener, sprinkling nourishment and watching out for weeds.

2. A new stretch goal word.
I want to dance with the moments of my life, and with the rest of the natural world, all the creatures and plants, energies and breezes. When the challenges come, when the storms come, may I dance with them too…

It’s ok to do New Year however feels best for you. You can go all out with goals or sit with something more gentle, or just be. Hiding under a rock is also fine.


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