Day 37. Adding nature notes to your journaling practice (includes free printable)

Last year, I discovered a lovely tip for adding an extra layer to my journalling practice: making nature notes and observations. 

I didn’t do it for the full year, I did it most intensely in spring as the world awoke once more to the warming sun and the extra light. 

And I’ve made a printable page for you to try it too, and add to your journal or grimoire.

You could also use it digitally by downloading and making copies that you could write on or even make a cool collage using an app like PicsArt.

I really love this for helping get over the January blues and noticing the ways that natural magic shows up, when we slow down and tune in to notice it. 

You can download the printable PDF here or click to save the pic below. 

Nature Notes printable by Sam Goodlet, Samdrawsthings