Day 45. Ascending to Imbolc. Balancing being and doing divination spread

Balancing being and doing divination spreadCard 1. Dreams 

This is the head in the clouds card. What are your dreams and visions here to remind you? 

Card 2. Roots

This is the feet on the ground card, earthy and solid. What will help you feel rooted and safe?

Card 3. Sun and action

This card represents your driving force, your tenacity, your drive to act. The things you have to do, and the things you dream of building for yourself.  What does this side of you need to keep it moving? 

Card 4. Moon and stillness

This card represents your floatier side, the part that thrives in stillness. The need to rest, and to do things that are about the process rather than the end result. How can you nurture this part of yourself more deeply?