Day 48. Ascending to Imbolc. Tuning into the textures of your day

I used to find this time of year so bleak. But I’m learning how to move through winter in a new way.

The magic of this time of year is different to the other seasons. Subtler. And it’s when I slow down that I can feel it. 

I’ve found a delicious way of tuning in to the enchantment that has become my favourite kind of self care. 


Texture is something we can appreciate with all of our senses, but it’s something I find easy to overlook or forget about. 

Here’s an invitation for you to try it too! 

  • Take a little time in your day to consciously notice the textures around you
  • What senses can you engage in the moment to explore or capture the different textures around you? 
  • What words spring to mind to describe them…? We don’t always have as many words as we need for alllll the different frequencies that texture can show up in, you may need fo get imaginative! 
  • Here’s a bit of a word bank for you to play with 

crunchy  soft  velvety  lumpy  scratchy  chewy  crystalline  smooth  flat fuzzy  furry  silky  matte  shiny  bumpy   claggy  coarse  sticky  slimy  fine  prickly  fibrous  bitty  feathery  sharp  woolly  ridged  crinkled  wiry  spongy  spiky  papery  light  frothy  solid  chunky  delicate  rough  sharp  


Frosty morning photo
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