Day 50. Ascending to Imbolc. Winter sunlight

I don’t always manage to get outside everyday. 

So today my way to tuning into the seasons and taking a moment with nature was to appreciate the winter sun coining in the windows. I work from home and I escaped for a little bit into my son’s room, as he has the best sunlight in the house.

He’s going to be six this year, and before he was born I spent some precarious pregnant time up on ladders, painting a sky mural with a sun, moon and little clouds onto the walls. We live in a converted bungalow and all the walls upstairs are a bit squonky, with lots of different angles but we made that a bit of a feature in Tristan’s room. 

Sometimes mindfulness is about making do and grasping the things that are too hand, appreciating them.

Sometimes magic is big and spectacular. Sometimes it thrums gently in the quiet moments when we stop for a second and listen, or feel the winter sun warming our skin…

You can see a little video peek of my winter sun appreciation here. 

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