Day 51. Ascending to Imbolc. Come make a heart-shaped wreath with me

Wanna celebrate witchentinee day with me…? ❤️🌹🍄

I sort of invented a new holiday last year! I love celebrating love, and how Galentines Day has become a thing, a way to celebrate friendship.

And I was thinking how it would be nice to have a witchy version, where we share love with our witch friends.

So, as part of my offering for the Wild Wisdom Imbolc Immersion, I’m hosting a witchentines day wreath making session! 

We’re going to be making heart shaped wreaths from bendy wood like willow or hazel, and then customising them with dried flowers, ivy, herbs, Christmas decorations, fairy lights, ribbons, string, wire… basically anything pretty.

You can make one for yourself, or for your witchentine, and can be decorated in any style.

I made a bit of a cottagecore one as a practice with some ivy and mushroom decorations. 

The line up for Resurgence of the Wild Spark is INCREDIBLE. If you’d like to come and join us for three days of beautiful workshops, you can sign up here.

Heart shaped Imbolc wreath

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