Day 59. Ascending to Imbolc. Amphibian Awakenings

For Imbolc this year, I am joining some incredible humans to celebrate.  Resurgence of the Wild Spark is an event with Wild Essence as part of their Witches Wheel series, and I am offering a few different things.

Amphibian Awakenings is a playful poetry workshop inspired by frogs and toads. 

Having spent 7 years working for an amphibian and reptile conservation charity, I became really tuned into and fond of these beautiful creatures. 

When I was doing lots of pond creation and management work with young people, it became clear we really needed to have any big changes complete by around Valentine's Day if we were going to have it ready for the frogs to arrive after their winter of hibernation.  

Here in the UK they are some of the first creatures to wake up.  It might still be frosty after they have visited and laid their beautiful jewel-jelly eggs.  Some of the frogspawn won't make it for that reason.  But their hopping migrations back to the water is such a sign of hope that spring is coming.  

For my Amphibian Awakening workshop, we will be tuning into frogs and other amphibious beings to notice how our emergence from hibernation mirrors theirs, and celebrate the thaw of our internal waters.

Come and join us to begin the defrosting and awaken your wild heart. 

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