Day 6. Descent advent. Pronoun magic

Day 6. Descent advent. Pronoun magic

A photo of Sam, an AFAB non binary person dancing in a field


When wild female energy dances through you,

She is with you.

She IS you, 

And you are she.


She is just as present in

Thigh gaps 

As hip dips.

In cellulite, fat,

And toned muscle, 

In abs,

And back rolls.

In grand stature 

And petite form.

In a full bear’s worth of body hair 

As smooth skin

Or stubble.

In long locks

Bald scalps,

And all the steps in between.

In whatever genes someone caries

And whatever is below their waist.



She is everywhere.


And our job is to remember that

There is no one way to be feminine

Nor to be female.

Any more than there is one way to be water

Or a tree

Or to be alive.


If you feel her, you are her

And that’s enough.


Whether she feels warm or cool to you

Fire or moon

Pushing or dreaming

Or just a little bit of everything.


So do not despair.

Do not let them prescribe to you how to measure your female-ness.

It cannot be measured.

Is the water wet enough?

Are the fires fiery enough?

The moon lunar enough?

Are you feminine enough?

Of course. 

A quote from the Pronoun Magic poem over the top of a phot of a non binary Human dancing in a field

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