Day 7. Advent Descent. Breathe

Day 7. Advent Descent. Breathe

A drawing of the Comfort Fairy flying over a cup of tea with the word breathe, by artist Sam Goodlet, Samdrawsthings
As simple as taking a moment to breathe. A little big thing. 
💌 message from the Comfort Fairy 💌
B R E A T H E.
🧚🏽‍♂️ 🐕

Ok. I know. Everyone says this alllll the time.

Sometimes I feel a bit silly saying it too.


It’s actually a proper scientific thing that helps your nervous system, brings you out of fight or flight, gives you time to regulate and helps move oxygen around your body.

Your body likes that.

So the Comfort Fairy and I are not going to shut up about it 😆

Pause with us a sec and take some lovely slow breaths…
The Comfort Fairy is a small fairy dog with a big mission: to spread soothing, calming vibes far and wide. 

And a big shout out to Wild Essence for allllll the reaffirming teaching around this and how much our nervous system really matter. Go check em out! (This is my affiliate link for their INCREDIBLE Sovereign course). 
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