I deserve...

I deserve...

I feel a little nervous sharing this, but for a very long time I carried around a story that I didn’t deserve to be here. 😳 Those words would echo around my mind all the time. Even during a better phase of self-worth, they were lurking, undermining everything... I don’t know where that story came from. But it’s finally gone.

I think one of the many reasons going through The Spiral worked so well for me is that in this 8 week programme, Level 1 is focussed on DESERVING. We clear the heavy emotions and stories that might be holding us back from feeling that we are safe to be here, safe to be ourselves, that we deserve to live a magical life.

My mental health journey has been a wobbly one; I was about a month out of a very dark time when I went through Spiral for the first time. I feel like it really embedded the recovery process that I had already begun, particularly because it starts with this theme.

I still wobble from time to time; I question my belonging in a group for example, or might have feelings coming up of feeling unworthy of something I’d love to have... but I can recognise and clear those patterns now.

And I KNOW with every fibre of being being that I deserve to be here. Just like you do. Just like every other unique human on the planet.

Last summer I was standing in a field during a camping trip after I’d completed my first Spiral. Feeling the scratchy grass on my feet and thinking ‘ohhhh. It’s gone!’ Feeling like it was finally ok to be me. Realising this heavy guilt I’d been carrying just for existing had...gone. 🧚‍♂️

That’s why I trained to take people through The Spiral. The power it has to shift the stories you carry is just pure magic.

If you’re in the midst of heavy mental health issues, it might not be the tool for you.

But if you’re really excited about personal growth and change, if you have a loop or a pattern of behaviour that you feel stuck in, it’s a super-accelerated way to clear that stuff out of your path.

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