Join our pack for rewards, discounts, and freebies!

We are really excited to announce that we now have a reward system that means you can earn points towards discounts, shop credits and freebies when you invest in our offerings, review them or share them with your friends!

This means a lot to us, as we love to reward the members of our pack for investing in your own growth as well as spreading the word far and wide about our magical portal to other realms. 

On our website, there is now a floating blue widget in the bottom corner:

Click on it, and a little menu pops up:

Follow the steps to set up an account, and you instantly start earning points!

Here are some of the ways you can earn points and rewards:

And here are some of the ways you can redeem your points - including on discounts, free eBooks AND a free HiberNation vision session with Sam:

 We will be adding rewards and tweaking this as we go along and learn the best way to use this new tool - so do sign up now and join us for the journey!