Planting trees with Tree-Nation

Planting trees with Tree-Nation

Wolf and Wing is now registered with Tree-Nation, and each purchase with us plants a tree on one of their re-wild and reforesting projects!

You can find information about how many trees we have planted on the Tree-Nation website here.

We have sent a tree to all of our early supporters, to celebrate our first year in business, and we have also offset the carbon from our website with them too! 

But this isn’t just about off-setting.

As an animist and someone who used to work in nature conservation (with a life-long interest), this is about biodiversity and habitats. Each tree we help to plant is more than a dot on a map; it’s a new life sparkling with magic and meaning.

It’s not just an oxygen producing machine: it’s a new member of the Earth’s family, roots in soil and trunk thrumming with meaning and intention… 

As the first confirmation emails came in that our trees were being planted, it was such a beautiful feeling.

Because of your support of us, and choosing from our offers to help you grow, roots go into soil.

Because of the work of this business, new wild friends are being introduced to new wild friends…

isn’t that amazing?

Tree illustration

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