Where could you be more butterfly?

Where could you be more butterfly?

How is your personal relationship with change? How much do you trust your inner knowing to lead you where you need to go?

Change can feel scary, disruptive, uncomfortable. Even when we KNOW something better is coming, but especially when the future feels uncertain and wobbly.

I love the trust and vision built in the butterfly’s life cycle. The way the imaginal cells hold the vision for the future form of the butterfly and lead the changes as the caterpillar dissolves completely into goo in its cocoon... a part of the butterfly always knows what it’s going to turn into. 

With all the big changes going on in our world right now, there are so many people acting like imaginable cells in our butterfly world.

People who hold strong visions of how our future can be better than our present.

The people leading the charge right now are those who have learnt how to listen to their heart’s wisdom and lead from there. Because...our hearts know what that future could be. Deep inside each of us, our inner wisdom dwells and burns its little glowing light. And the more we practice listening, the more we can follow it and take action from that place. Changing ourselves to change the world, each of us a dissolving cell in a caterpillar; our hearts holding the vision of how beautiful all of our lives can be.

This is why I LOVE change, why I love metamorphosing and holding space for others to transform; because change isn’t the scary thing. Staying still is. Transformation isn’t the danger. It’s being stuck in your ways.

The world is changing. There are a million opportunities each moment for us to chose something new.

Are you ready....?

Sam xx

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