A Year of Wild Wisdom

Hosted by artist Sam Goodlet (Samdrawsthings), drawing on her background in environmental education and her deep LOVE of seasonal magic, this is a package of courses to guide you through the entire year.

Each new moon, we start a month of journeying with new mascots from the natural world.  

The animal familiars and plants we work with are mostly from the European wild wood, and have come forward to share their wisdom and messages for navigating the seasons with you, through Sam’s interpretation.

The package includes:

  • Lifetime access, so you can join at any point in the year and explore all of the materials 
  • Videos from Sam each month, inspired by our animal familiars and plant guides, inviting you to set intentions linked to the shifting seasonal energies. 
  • Tips, ideas and rituals for the eight Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year
  • Access to The Cocoon - An exclusive Facebook group for members to connect and chat about the growth and experiences we are calling in, and receive extra support from Sam 
  • Online chats with special guests, bringing you extra ideas and inspiration 
  • Meditations, visualisations and journal prompts to invite you to explore your inner world more deeply 
  • Creative magical drawings from Sam Draws Things to evoke the seasonal changes and share her magic and spirit with you, including colouring pages for each moon - perfect for printing and sticking into your grimoire! 
  • Inspiration and calls for your own creative practice, whether it's drawing, photography, poetry, knitting, yarn dyeing... whatever you love to do or wish to try!  
  • All kinds of other goodies that will come up as we go along (there's always more and new things blossoming!)

The modules we move through are:

🌱 Unfurl: a spring awakening 

Three months of gentle magic, deepening your connection both with the natural world and your own inner world as we transition out of winter and into spring and the first glimpses of summer.  

A period of learning, growing and noticing as the world wakes up, the bird song begins and blossoms sprout from the bare branches of the cherry trees...  What can we learn from the plants and creatures that appear at this time of awakening and growth...?  How does that reflect our own inner processes?

  • Month 1: Begins on the March New Moon, journeying with Long Tailed Tit, Cherry Blossom and Brown Hare 
  • Month 2: Begins on the April New Moon and we’re journeying with Newt, Water Mint and Egg
  • Month 3: Begins on the May New Moon, with Roe Deer and Bluebell 

🦋 Take wing: a summer of magic 

Three months of fiery magic, as we transition out of spring and into the depths of summer.  

Swifts and swallows fly. Butterflies flit from flower to flower.  The woods are green and vibrant... What can we learn from the plants and creatures that appear at this time of heat and plenty...?  How does that reflect our own inner processes?

  • Month 1: Begins on the June new moon with Swallow, Nettle and Rose  
  • Month 2: Begins on the July new moon with Red Fox and Lavender 
  • Month 3: Begins on the August new moon, our guides tbc

🐿 The HiberNation: an autumn and winter of personal growth 

Six months of making the most of darkening evenings by reading, journaling, connecting with like-minded souls, creating, going inwards.

We are calling in the wisdom of creatures who know how to make the most of this time period and can show us how to move through autumn and winter with more ease and grace, emerging out of our cosy nation renewed as the world wakes up.  Our animal guides will be:

  • Month 1: Begins on the September new moon, with Squirrel
  • Month 2: Begins on the October new moon, meeting Badger
  • Month 3: Begins on the November new moon, journeying with Hedgehog
  • Month 4: Begins on the December new moon, journeying with Bear
  • Month 5: Begins on the January new moon, travelling with Dormouse
  • Month 6: Begins on the February new moon, meeting Moth


Travel magically through the year, meeting creatures and plants with wisdom to share from the wild world, meeting new parts of yourself as you go.


A note about our vibe and inclusivity:

The course and the Cocoon Facebook group welcome all humans of all genders.  We will be talking a bit about tuning into natural cycles and the seasons, but that won’t be from the point of view of a specific type of human biology or hormonal set up 🙂 (Our programme would sit nicely alongside this practice and we can signpost you to other spaces which offer it).

We will be taking inspiration from the neo-pagan wheel of the year, as a handy tool for connecting with the seasons and bringing ritual back into our lives. But you don’t have to be a pagan to join in - the programme will be accessible for other cultural viewpoints, religions, or spirituality. 

Our programme is simply open to anyone who feels the call. 


Here's a video with Sam introducing the programme.