Welcome to a Year of Wild Wisdom

Welcome wildling!

We are so excited to share with you all the seasonal magic of this year long programme.  Each month has a video, eBook, guided meditations and extra goodies to help you learn from the rest of the natural world and journey through the seasons.  If you scroll down, you'll find the links for each month's magic, and you can join in at any part in the year.

You get lifetime access, so you can come back and join the programme again at any time.  There's a welcome pack for the programme here (and each section has a welcome pack too as you move through).

The Cocoon is our exclusive Facebook group for everyone taking part in the course, and you can come and join us here.


UNFURL is our spring course and is running from March to June.  Each month we are meeting new plant and animal guides to work with. You can find the welcome pack here.

March new moon 

Working with Long Tailed Tit, Cherry Blossom and Brown Hare.

April new moon

Journeying with Egg, Newt and Water Mint.

May new moon

Journeying with Roe Deer and Bluebell.


Take Wing is our summer offering for June, July and August, and the content is being created live as we go along, so do come back as we work through the months with new videos, eBooks and mediations each moon. You can find the welcome pack here.

June new moon

July new moon

(August materials coming soon) 

The HiberNation

The HiberNation is our autumn and winter programme.  Each moon, we meet one animal guide to help us make the most of this slower, darker, time of year.  You can find your welcome pack to this very special nation here.

September new moon: Squirrel

Squirrel drawing  

October new moon: Badger

 Badger drawing

November new moon: Hedgehog

 Hedgehog drawing

December new moon: Bear

 Bear drawing

January new moon: Dormouse


February new moon: Moth 

And then the wheel of the year turns, and cycles back around to Unfurl again!