TAKE WING: Chapter 2

July New Moon 

Below is our second chapter, for the July new moon!  It's time to pop the kettle on, grab your journal or whatever you like to make notes on, and snuggle up for a few minutes.  I'm creating shorter, more frequent videos and eBooks for this course, this is the first one setting the scene with some invitations of what to do next, and I will be introducing the guides we'll be working with as we go along.

Here's the introductory eBook for July, packed with journal prompts and other goodies, which you can print if you like or print pages to stick in your journal or grimoire. 

The grasses and wildflowers of the South Downs wanted to pop in and say hello too :) 

Our first animal guide for the moon is Red Fox.  There's an eBook all about them here, and the video is in little chunks below.



And here's a guided meditation for tuning into your inner red fox:

Wolf and Wing · Red Fox Meditation


There's an eBook with ideas for celebrating Lammas and Lughnasadh here, and the video below has some ideas, along with scenes from a beautiful trip to the Devil's Jumps.  

Our plant for this moon is lavender - and there's an eBook packed with purple magic just for you here! And the video is below.

And here's a little story about rescuing a collared dove and ideas for dealing with eco grief, just after the July full moon....


Sam x