Our Values

Our ethos

Science and observation have debunked the original theories about the nature of wolves; the idea that their interactions are all based around dominance and submission has been blown out of the water.  The realities of wolf-life are far more cooperative and subtle.

Part of that projection around their strength, the idea of being the Alpha, of food chains, of how evolution works, and the idea that wolves have to dominate each other came from patriarchal, colonial views and ways of understanding based on hierarchy rather than cooperation, with humans placed as the dominant species on the planet.

As Wolf and Wing grows and we find and develop our pack, we are committed to debunking white supremacy, the living legacy of the patriarchy and colonialism, and all the things that go along with it. Things that have been dangerously present within the systems of our world, from governments and to spiritual groups and organisations.  

We know that the world *really* runs on networks and webs of interconnection, rather than hierarchies.

Our inclusivity action plan:

  • Include, learn from, listen to, amplify, honour and pay Black and Indigenous People of Colour
  • Be watchful of pitfalls like cultural appropriation, spiritual bypassing and speaking only in terms of the gender binary. Actively find ways to do better when sharing our messages and offerings
  • Create inclusive programmes that are as accessible as possible, including to BIPOC, to LGBTQ+ people, to people with disabilities and that honour neurodivergence
  • Create magical spaces and offerings that are not based around the gender binary, but include people of all genders
  • Make it clear in our offerings what we will be talking about, how, who the target audiences are and how much it is, so that people can choose whether that’s something they will benefit from and if it feels appropriate for them
  • Help as many people as possible, with as many life experiences as possible, to access their creativity, the magic in themselves and in the wider world, and to boost their well-being
  • Develop ways to give back to people (such as free programmes, scholarships, vouchers) and to the natural world that we are a part of (such as charity donations, sharing information about how to help and programmes that include natural history topics)
  • Commit to keep learning, growing, changing, adapting and heeding feedback
  • Be a voice for change in the communities we are part of
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Our financial policy

We will always be up front about how much something costs and aim to give amazing value for that investment.  We don’t undertake pushy sales calls; we offer everything clearly and excitedly and people can make the choice whether to opt in.  We don’t do pain point marketing.  We offer a free 30 minute chat for people to get more information and a feel for our offerings.

In the 2021-22 financial year, our initial aim is to set up an abundant and sustainable business, based around services and products that help people to grow and heal.

We are passionate about building a supportive community through our social media and email newsletter that offers a lot of amazing content and ideas for free.

From 2022 onwards, we will build charitable giving and supporting good causes into our business plan.

We will always look for appropriate opportunities to offer free or discounted places on courses and programmes to those in financial hardship.

Wolf and Wing logo Our environmental policy 

Wolf and Wing’s head office in Sam’s home is run on energy from a green power supplier.  We recycle as much as possible, and work to ensure as little waste as we can.   Most of our products are digital, and when they are physical, careful consideration is made to ensure their sustainability.  Over time, and as investment allows, the goal is to move towards a completely sustainable home and business base, with minimal waste, more green energy and a lower carbon footprint.

We have a wildlife-friendly garden with fruit trees, home to a variety of birds, hedgehogs and invertebrates.  Profits from Wolf and Wing will be used to help us to manage the trees better for our wild friends, add more plants for pollinators and a pond.

We rescued Shadow the Dog in 2012 - he is an important part of our family, and we are planning to rescue and foster/adopt more animals as we create space and greater finances to care for them.

Another goal is to host retreats and classes in our home - over the next few years when we have invested in creating the physical spaces needed and the Covid situation means in-person teaching is accessible again, we will be offering classes both run by ourselves and other teachers.

As our charitable giving grows from 2022, we will be investing in nature conservation projects further afield than our home, to help wildlife, habitats and people to learn about the rest of the natural world.

Our garden