The HiberNation: Chapter 1. Squirrel

September Moon and Animal Guide

Below is the video for the September New Moon!  So go make a cuppa, make sure you've got your journal or whatever you like to make notes on, and snuggle up :) 

Here's the accompanying eBook - all about this first moon, squirrels, and the themes this month.  You can download it and print it (if you like) to go with the video.  

There's also a guided meditation below - the video will ask you to pause and go listen to it, before coming back to watch the last part.  The whole process takes about an hour.  


Here's the guided meditation.  Or you can listen to it by pressing the play button below.  You can come back and listen to it again any time you like :) 



Wolf and Wing · Squirrel Meditation

Medicine for Squirrel

As a prey animal, and as a creature protecting their own stash of food, squirrels can be wary. They move sometimes with that cautious, swift, glancing motion that many prey creatures do.

And sometimes we can take on some of that anxious, over alert, hyper watchful energy too. So I’ve created a guided meditation to soothe anxiety and panicky feelings. You can find it here, or hit play below.

Wolf and Wing · Medicine For Squirrel



What’s in your hoard...?

As the weather gets colder, what can you squirrel away to help see you through? It could be from a mental health perspective or a physical health one, linked to your practical needs or your community and the people you support... What do you need to have in your toolbox?
You can use this acorn page to make a note of all the things that help you feel good! Things that help keep you balanced, happy, healthy, in touch with the magic. 
A nice way to use the page could be to print it, and then write ‘when I feel ...., I need’ and then write the thing you need on one of the acorns.
You can download an acorn PDF by clicking here.

Enjoy and happy hibernating :)

Sam x