The Spiral

Ready to change your life...?

The Spiral is an 8 week programme of personal transformation. You are taken through by a qualified practitioner, who’s role is to hold space and create moments for you to transform yourself.

You will be guided through 7 levels of emotions, held in different centres of your being, and then have a final integration session in week 8 to make sure everything has settled in and you’re ready to take wing.

Drawing on Chakras (as well as Spiral Dynamics, NLP, Kiniesology and the Scale of Consciousness) the levels move up through your body, using points from your root at your tailbone to your crown as anchors for emotional stories in your life.  It's a form of energy work, and as you progress you will move up through those emotions, feeling lighter and lighter as you release baggage and old beliefs.

At each level, we use a technique called Emotional Clearing to help you learn to process and sit with your emotions in a refreshing new way. 

Here's a little demo from Sam of how Emotional Clearing works:

Emotional Clearing is the key tool your Spiral Practitioner will use to help you delve into the big emotions that you experience during your life, learn about when you first felt that feeling, and what other things were going on at the same time.

For example, in Level 4 or the Heart level, we dive into what Love means to you. We might find that at an early age you associated love with another emotion like guilt, dread, or jealousy. That might explain sometimes why you find love a challenging area of your life.

Then the real power of The Spiral comes in, as we clear those other emotional hooks that have become attached to love, so that you can really FEEL it in its purest sense, and attach new, more positive and exciting levels and layers of meaning to it.


As we move up through the Levels, we move from heavy and low vibration emotions to higher ones, so the first couple of weeks can feel a bit sticky and hard, but as you get clear and move to the higher vibrational and more shiny emotions, you just start to feel better and better!

The areas you will be guided through are:

Level One: Deserving; Releasing SHAME and increasing SELF-WORTH.
Level Two: Creativity; Releasing FEAR and increasing PROACTIVITY.
Level Three: Power; Releasing ANGER and increasing SELF CONFIDENCE.
Level Four: Openness; Releasing WOUNDS OF THE HEART and increasing LOVE.
Level Five: Expression; Releasing LOW SELF-ESTEEM and increasing EXPRESSION.
Level Six: Vision; Releasing OLD VIEWS and increasing CLARITY.
Level Seven: Purpose; Aligning to your HIGHER PURPOSE and DIVINITY.

Sam is a Certified Spiral Practitioner, and will be taking a small group through this magical process in 2021.  

She’ll have a 1 to 1.5 hour Zoom call with you each week where you’ll work through that level.  You'll also have the option to be part of a private Facebook group for extra connection, resources and support.  Sam's specialism is helping people to become more confident in their unique, creative expression.  Her gentle, powerful magic can help you to heal your inner child and connect more positively to alllll the parts of yourself.

The Spiral process also includes access to all our eBooks, and a physical goody box at the end of the programme as an external anchor, to remind you of all the internal changes you have just made.

Sam and Shadow the Dog

The Spiral with Sam could be your next step if:

  • You're feeling really called to it, even if you're not exactly sure why
  • You can dedicate around 2 hours each week for 8 weeks to the sessions, with space around them to integrate what you've learned and do little bits of homework in between
  • You are just FED UP and ready for change!
  • You LOVE transformation and personal growth 
  • You've come out the other side of a period of recovery or big shifts, and want to build a solid foundation for what comes next 
  • You're ready to face and release some of the yucky, sticky stuff from your past that's been weighing you down
  • You're excited about the idea of raising your vibration and clearing up your energy

The Spiral might not be for you right now if:

  • You're in the middle of mental health problems, on medication or receiving talking therapy.  We recommend that you start this transformational journey when you're mentally well and ready for the adventure! Why not sign up to the newsletter below for our well-being magic book and to stay in the loop for when you're feeling ready?

The investment for The Spiral is £1,200 for the complete 8 week course.  

Payment plans are available and can be discussed when you're booking in.  

If you’re feeling called to bring more magic into your life, we’d love to have you with us!  You can get in touch via the contact form or book a free 30 minute chat to find out if the Spiral is for you and get on the waiting list for the next round.