UNFURL: Chapter 2

April New Moon and Guides

Below is our next video, for the April new moon!  It's time to pop the kettle on, grab your journal or whatever you like to make notes on, and snuggle up as we meet our guides for the month: egg, newt and water mint.

The video is a little bit different this time - there's a bit of a newt survey in my parents' garden, and some storytelling as we meet one of my favourite goddesses, Persephone.  The video will ask you to pause to do some reflecting at the beginning, and there's a YouTube playlist of videos below to help you tune into all of our guides.  The whole process takes about an hour. 


Here's the accompanying eBook - all about eggs, newts and water mint, and the themes we are working with this month.  You can download it and print it (if you like) to go with the video. 

Here is the YouTube playlist of with some extra videos featuring our guides (feel free to search for and share videos of your own too!).

And here is a guided meditation for diving under the water and tuning in to newt.  

Wolf and Wing · Newt Meditation


For Beltane, I've also created this little video with some magical ideas to try :) 


Sam x