Day 17. Advent Descent. Music as an offering

Day 17. Advent Descent. Music as an offering

Today, I went to the woods to film some bits and bobs, both for the Holly, Spruce and Heathenry event that I’m part of and for A Year of Wild Wisdom, my own online course.

And I had this really strong nudge to take my ukulele with me.

I LOVE music, and tried to learn multiple different instruments before I met a ukulele and could actually play some of my favourite songs and sing along. I’m not good, by any means, but it brings me a lot of pleasure. 

There were a few reasons I think this friendly instrument beckoned to me today.

Last night, I was really caught up in that Christmas rush craziness. It’s the end of term for my little one, they have packed in SO many things, and we needed to go shopping to pick up some last minute bits and bobs. It was really fun but quite hectic, and I ended up with a horrrrrible headache.

That feeling took me over.

Worrying if we’d bought enough things, the right things, for the right people, and don’t forget to wrap them up and write cards oh all the dates and times to remember, and please don’t use the wrapping paper roll as a lightsaber, don’t miss the bus, where’s my mask?! 

I know that this state is hard to be in both because Christmas often comes with a speeding-up panic when my whole body wants to slow down, AND because there’s a mammalian-ancestral-human squirrel-y panic woven in there too.

Winter is coming, have I gathered in enough grain/acorns? Will I be safe? 

Whilst I waited for the pain killers to kick in, I sat in the bath singing.

I could feel how the muscles in my jaw and neck were completely locked up and I wanted to see if singing eased all the tension. So, I sat in the steam singing my heart out. It helped a lot and had the added bonus of massively boosting my mood.

And I think taking my ukulele to the trees I was also inspired by a little Robin I met.

Last week, I had a really magical visit to a garden centre with my mum, it was packed to the rafters with fairy lights and little grottos of differently themed decorations. It was so extra, but in a cosy and lavish way rather than a really overwhelming one… we walked around in a state of wonder that was really joyful. 

And outside, sitting on one of the Christmas trees, was a Robin.

Music was playing, and they were singing. it felt like they were answering or singing along… They were very tame, I’ve never been so close to one before, even though we are quite friendly with the ones in our garden, and it felt like an extra pure moment of natural Christmas magic. Standing close to that little being made my day. 

And they reminded me that music is an offering.

A literal sending out of vibrational energy magic.

I often take incense outside to watch the smoke rise, or gather up leaves and flowers and crystals to leave as offerings, but I’d never thought before that musical sounds can also be used in that way. 

So I walked up the hill with a glass of tea and my ukulele, feeling a bit like a wandering minstrel, and pootled off amongst the trees…

Music is an offering. A literal sending out of vibrational energy magic

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