Day 20. Advent Descent.  Remember you are an animal...

Day 20. Advent Descent. Remember you are an animal...

Member of the HiberNation illustration by Sam Goodlet, Samdrawsthings with cosy snoozing animals

Today I hosted a really special Join the HiberNation session as part of the Holly, Spruce and Heathenry event.  I introduced people to the six creatures that we work with in the autumn and winter months of A Year of Wild Wisdom, and shared the story of my initiation to this cosy nation.

And then I popped in to catch up with some of the other sessions that I had missed.  AND OH MY GOODNESS WOW. 

Every facilitator is so next-level amazing!  And they are all sharing precious pieces of wisdom about how to navigate this time of year in a meaningful, beautiful, magical way. 

The underlying message from many of us wild-natured witches is the same:

Remember that you are a warm-blooded mammal in a cold season.  

Remember the roots of the holidays that are happening now - simple gathering together to share warmth, food and love.  

Remember that this time of year may be calling you to let things go, to simplify, to burn away what's not needed, to dream of new things.

Remember that humans have been celebrating in different ways at this time of year for thousands of years.  

Remember to take care of your gentle, beautiful, powerful self in the midst of it all.

R E M E M B E R.

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