Day 3. Advent Descent. Bear 🐻

Day 3. Advent Descent. Bear 🐻

I keep having visions of bears at the moment.

I finished this piece after a beautiful ritual with Wild Essence where a bear rocked up and put their paws on my shoulders.

A drawing by Sam Goodlet, Samdrawsthings, of a person with a bear
We move onto Bear month A Year of Wild Wisdom, in my online course tomorrow and I so love learning about and working with them at this time of year.

I feel like their solid strength is so nourishing as we head deeper into the dark…

We used to have wild bears roaming the British Isles, and then they were imported for a while. Their paw prints are on the land and in our history. They were also became the pagan symbol of sovereignty - as Christianity spread, Lion became the kingly animal. But before that, it was Bear, and so they became more associated with heathenry…

I’m not quite sure yet was Bear is here to teach me this winter. I’m just happy they have shown up and am ready to listen, to read, to learn more. 

In A Year of Wild Wisdom, we journey with a new animal guide for each new moon. If you’re looking for some help moving through the seasons, connecting with wildness, or remembering that you’re an animal, come join us!

I’ve also created a customisable colouring sheet, where you can add your own face to the bear drawing, and colour as you stay cosy and warm. 

Bear colouring by artists Sam Goodlet, Samdrawsthings

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