Day 33. Ascending to Imbolc. Tips for working with the moon

Day 33. Ascending to Imbolc. Tips for working with the moon

Working with the moon is a really powerful practice.  Whether you believe in the magical side or not, having a timescale to work with and the intention to change something in that time is enough power on it’s own.  And you can go as deep and as wide as you desire in terms of moon magic - she can be a wonderful ally and companion.

A note of caution: It’s a good idea to be a bit gentle with what you call in, especially at first! Because you may have to feel the thing you are letting go, or face the blocks between yourself and what you are calling in quite deeply.

This is based on my personal practice and experience over the last 7 or so years.  

New Moon

On or around the New Moon, set your intention. Write it as if it’s already happened or you’re already building what you desire to shift - e.g. “I am....”or “I am doing…”  or “I have....” or “I see...” or “I feel...”

You can also use an app like Moonifest to remember and engage with your intention.

You can create a little ritual - light a candle, write on a piece of paper
and perhaps set fire to it. Follow the call of your heart. You can also make it as simple as you have time/energy for.

Waxing Moon

Journal. Meditate. Move your body. Nourish yourself. Up the self care Things may feel a little uncomfortable, remember you might have to feel something fully to let it go. Or the things you’re calling in may start showing up already! Keep an eye out for signs that things are shifting.

Full Moon

This is the peak! Allow yourself to feel allllll the things and celebrate yourself. On the Full Moon itself you may need to SHAKE THINGS
UP! Put the music on loud, dance, cry, chat to friends, get creative...LET IT OUT!

Waning Moon

After the intensity of the Full Moon, things will start to feel smoother
and calmer. If you’re letting something go, you can let it go, let it go, over and over again, feel it dropping away. If you’re calling something in, this is a great time for gratitude and appreciation, letting it in, letting it in.

Notice how things have shifted or changed. Send yourself lots of gratitude too, for being brave and calling in change.

As the new moon roles around again, you may find that there are new layers of what you have been working with to move through again, or the moon may have helped you to illuminate your purpose, passions, needs and beliefs more brightly for you to explore.

With any kind of transformation work, there’s a beautiful balance to be found between being comfortable and feeling gratitude for what is already present, while choosing to shift and improve things for yourself, your family, your community. Intentions don’t just have to be for yourself or your own gain, of course, and I would argue that the best kind of self transformation helps the world as we help ourselves. Healing, regulating, slowing, choosing, inspiring…there are many ways our personal changes ripple outwards.

This is one of the key practices we work with in A Year of Wild Wisdom, where we meet new creatures each new moon and ask for their help in setting intentions. You can come and join us for the year here.

A photo of the moon at Stonehenge by Josh Pullman

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