Day 34. Ascending to Imbolc. New Year dreams, wishes and intentions

Day 34. Ascending to Imbolc. New Year dreams, wishes and intentions

New Years resolutions make a kind of sense, but I feel it’s become lost and distorted. So here’s an idea. How about we try tuning into ideas and dreams to help nurture us through the rest of the journey out of winter and into spring and summer? 

Winter is a time when we can (naturally and normally) become depleted - less light, colder weather, more bugs and illnesses. Bank account depletion. Social exhaustion. Post Christmas come downs… There’s a load of reasons why we humans might be finding things a little/a lot strained.

And from the more witchy perspective, winter is a shedding, decaying, grieving time, a season when we might let go of things (both deliberately and as they get torn from our fingers by the cold winds). 

So, what if rather than having a New Year’s narrative about self improvement from the point of view of us not being good enough in some way, we turned to this idea of New Year nurturing. 

What is going to help you move through the rest of winter in the safest, healthiest way? A way that allows for positive growth and change, without whacking you over the head when you’re feeling a bit wobbly…?

For me, dreaming, imagining, wishing can be a great place to start. And then I can begin to engineer the steps to making those things happen. 

So here’s a page for you to play with and explore some of the dreams that are hovering around for you. What’s waiting for you this year? How would you like to feel? What do you desire to touch, do, explore…? 

Customisable journalling vision board page by Sam Goodlet, Samdrawsthings

A really fun thing to do can be to use the page in an app like PicsArt to make a mood board/vision board for your wall or journal. You can decorate the page with words and stickers, and apply a pretty effect to bring it all together.

Here’s mine from last year…

Sam’s 2021 mood vision board It’s so interesting to look back and see what I was dreaming of. We were in lockdown and I was really missing my fairy festival friends. I did manage to catch up with a couple of them and make it to one fairy fest! I was also dreaming of walking the apprenticeship path, which I started in February. I got massively into herbalism and started making my wine teas. didn’t have as many campervan adventures as I hoped for, but Bears strong shoulders have definitely been helping me. 

Heres this years version:

New year mood board collage by Sam Goodlet, Samdrawsthings At the bottom, I have layered things that are to do with my roots, and the more practical sides of life, and then I move up into some of the themes and dreams that are coming though for me now, as I walk further along this path.

If you’d like more magic in your 2022, why not come and join A Year of Wild Wisdom, our powerful course for working with the moon and tuning into the shifting seasons…

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