Animal Archetypes

The natural world is teeming with wild wisdom and messages for us.
The world is alive and WISE.
And so are our wild, inner selves - there are so many parts of us waiting to be heard too.
Deep down, like our wild kin, we know all the answers, and have everything that we need.
But we can experience blocks and hiccups that leave us feeling disconnected, caged and lost.
We can forget that we are animals too.
The human systems we exist inside can tangle us up.
We can believe that we are broken, when really we’re simply suffering from amnesia…


Working with the archetypal energy of animals (and probably some plants and trees too), this six month, deep-dive programme will help you to connect with your innate, unique wisdom and power by connecting with the wild world around and inside you.

What creatures are waiting for you to hear them...?

Perhaps you have an inner lion who’s roar has been stifled.
Perhaps your inner rabbit has taken over your nervous system with their fear.
Perhaps a red kite can bring some perspective to making the best out of the things you have lost.
Perhaps a dolphin wants to remind you to PLAY!


Each person’s path and guides will be different, and change from moment to moment.  But there are animals out there just WAITING for you to tune in and listen to the wisdom they carry.  And your teacher and guide Sam can help you to hear them...

This unique, live programme is delivered over 6 one-to-one calls with Sam, with support in between.

On each call, you will look at the themes and patterns coming up in your life, then explore what creatures want to come forward with wisdom to share to help you move forward in the best way possible.

Because we DO know the way.

It’s programmed deep into our cells and our blood.

The path of healing and moving through our lives with purpose and pleasure involves remembering who we are.

Where we come from.

And the rest of the natural world, the world that we are an integral part of, can help guide us back to that deep knowing.

Included in the programme: 

  • 6 x monthly two hour personal Zoom calls including journalling prompts, guided meditations and integration tasks to take away with you

  •  6 months of Telegram support in between calls, inspiring, nurturing and encouraging

  • A physical parcel of wonderful, supportive goodies

  • Access to all of the course materials in A Year of Wild Wisdom and the Wolf and Wing eBook library

  • A personalised 6 month adventure, meeting animal and plant guides with wisdom specific for you, to help you navigate the challenges and celebrations of life 

The programme is open now and runs for 6 months from whenever you choose to begin your adventure.

You can pay in full for the programme below, or select the pay monthly option, and we will send you an invoice each month. 

If you’d like to know more or have any questions, you can book in for a free 30 minute chat with Sam here. You can also email Sam directly at 

 Each purchase with Wolf and Wing plants a tree with Tree-Nation, to help re-wild and reforest the world.