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Sam Goodlet

Dive Down: Drawings from the Deep (hardback edition)

Dive Down: Drawings from the Deep (hardback edition)

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Dive Down: Drawings from the Deep
A story about discovering beauty 

A few years ago, I turned my world upside down. I left my job, my relationship, my home and packed my dog in my little blue car. It was the bravest and scariest time of my life.

I felt like the depression that I had been running from my whole life finally caught up with me. I took a month to do some journalling, meditating, and reading. As I worked through all of my feelings, I drew. And it became a little book.

My friend Sam Attenborough added the words for me after the illustrations formed a story.

Each page has a picture from my story journal, with a few simple words.  Almost as if it's a long prose poem adventure.

This self-help fairy tale features drawings of me and three Selkies - magical seal people - who lead me on a beautiful journey, through fear and out the other side...

This is a printed version of this small but precious illustrated book, it’s hardback, just under A5 size  

R E V I E W 

"This book is a magical dance of words and pictures, of beauty and wisdom. The work of a thousand self-help books has been distilled into a poetic spirit that demands you take risks and love life. The flowing figures simply weave a tale of self-discovery and bring the reader back from the edge and on to solid, vital ground."

- Hugh Warwick

Each purchase with Wolf and Wing plants a tree with Tree-Nation, to help re-wild and reforest the world.


61 Pages



Product Dimensions

 138mm x 216mm



Publication Date

1st edition  8 July 2015, this edition June 2023


Wolf and Wing

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