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Wolf and Wing

The Selkie's Tale: A Compendium of Adult Fairytales - eBook

The Selkie's Tale: A Compendium of Adult Fairytales - eBook

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PDF eBook edition with colour illustrations
By Hannah Borababy, Emily Martel, Jessi Marino, Kate Aiello, Heather Washburn, Sam Goodlet, Dannielle Holt, Mary Tobias, Sarah DeCecco


Tipping our hats to writers such as Angela Carter and Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés, this compilation of tales features fairy stories with a twist.  

We are redefining “happily ever after” and what it means for a life to be “like a fairy tale,” claiming back their messier, darker, more honest and authentic roots.  And their true purpose - to caution, to reveal, to explore.

Each story was created following in the ancient tradition of humans holding up a mythic veil to drape over the everyday world, weaving tales that both help the writer to process their own adventures in a creative way, and enable them share important things they have learned about being (and staying) alive.

These stories were created during Wild Essence’s The Selkie’s Tale programme in 2022, an 11 week deep dive into the realm of therapeutic storytelling, held by Jessi Marino and Sam Goodlet, who have stories to share too.  Wild Essence is a portal for wellness, wealth and witchcraft, offering transformational courses and experiences.  We are running ti again in July 2023 and making another magickal books if this realm of wordsmithing transmutation calls to your heart.

Our title is inspired by the tales of the Seal Folk, the Selkies from Northern Europe and Celtic lands. Shapeshifting beings who can take on human or seal form. And one over-story weaves around the individual tales by the 9 authors, bringing journal prompts, rituals, recipes and other tools for your own contemplation and practice.

Your authors have collectively navigated abuse, bereavement, neurodiversity, mental and physical health challenges, romance, divorce, motherhood, abortion, menopause, bankruptcy, a pandemic, and all sorts of other adventures that are simply a part of a 21st century human life…

The eBook will be emailed to you as a downloadable PDF file to read on your phone, tablet or computer, or add to your Kindle or other reader.


Emily Martel: Emily is a teacher, wife and mom to two wild ones. She is on a path of learning to fully and truly nourish self and others through a variety of modalities.

Jessi Marino: Jessi is Heathen Witch Siren, CEO + Muse of Wild Essence and Hedonism Wild Travel. Attuned by the melody of The More, the original song - Jessi offers herself as artist, muse, mentor, flame tender, way seeker. You can find her on Instagram: @JessiMagick @WildEssenceMagick @HedonismWild

Kate Aiello: Kate Aiello is primarily an abstract artist. Kate spent the last few years in Alaska. She has utilized her story within The Selkie’s Tale to commemorate her great adventure beyond her time there. Links on Instagram: @K8aiello @withinmycranium

Heather Washburn: Heather has recently reclaimed her experience of being a Witch, is working on remembering her wild nature and unlearning how to be in this world. She holds a spiritual and sacred connection with the natural world. Instagram: @vtsunshinelover

Sam Goodlet: Sam is a British witch, animist artist, writer and mentor. They weave together the realms of creativity, well- being, environmentalism and wonder in their work through Wolf and Wing (their own witchy business) and as a facilitator for Wild Essence. Say hi on Instagram @SamWolfAndWing

Dannielle Holt: Dannielle is a singer songwriter and English student living by the sea in Brighton, U.K. She has been writing since 12 years young and mainly writes short children’s stories, poems, love letters to the seasons and jazzy femme fatale murder ballad songs. Say hi on Instagram: @dannielle_casey_anne

Mary Tobias lives in the United States and is a Midwestern transplant to New England where she has lived for 35 years. Currently she is stepping into her magical self as the Witch she knew she was as a child, and celebrating her time as the wise, sexy Crone she has become.

Hannah Borababy is a Sacred Intimacy Educator and Ritual Facilitator whose passion draws from a deep connection with the natural world and unseen realms. Learn more about her work connecting people to their essential magic at

Sarah DeCecco, LMSW, RYT, TCYM has been journaling and writing for as long as she can remember stemming from an early love of poetry and reading. She a licensed mental health social worker and a registered yoga teacher specializing in trauma-informed/focused modalities. You can currently find her @deepsoulwellness on the IG and on FB.

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